Maharashtra Value Added Tax Rules, 2005

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Rule 31-60A    

Rule 61-90    

Rule No. Particulars
1   Short Title

2   Definitions

3   Goods returned and deposits refunded

4   Application regarding jurisdiction

5   Subordination of officers

6   Qualifications of members of Tribunal and term of office

7   Application regarding vaxatious order

8   Application for registration of dealers liable to tax under the Act

8A   Fresh Certifcate of Registration

9   Grant of certificate of registration

10   Exhibition of certificate of registration

11   Cancellation of certificate of registration

12   Additional copies of certificate of registration

13   Production of certificate of registration, etc.

14   Application for certified copy of extract from the list of registered dealers

15   Information under section 18 and changes in forms of certificates of registration

16   Declaration under section 19

17   Submission of returns

17A   Electronic filing

18   Special provision for first and last return in certain cases and for dealers under the package scheme of incentives

20   Complete and self consistent return

21   Form of Notice for Assessment

22   Form of application for direction

23   Form of order of assessment

24   Application for cancellation of assessment order

25   Order imposing penalty or interest

26   Supply of copy of order of assessment

27   Form of notice for rectification

28   Application for rectification

29   Stay order

30   Form of notice for review