Maharashtra Tax on Entry of Motor Vehicles into Local Areas Act, 1987


Chapter No. Section No. Particulars
I   Preliminary

    1   Short Title, extent and commencement

    2   Definations

II   Incidence and Levy of Tax

    3   Incidence of Tax

    4   Reduction in Tax Liability

III   Tax Authorities under the Act

    5   Assessing, Appellate and Revising Authorities

IV   Returns, Assessment, Payment, Recovery and Refund of Tax

    7   Returns

    8   Assessment

    9   Reassessment

    9A   Rectification of Mistake

    9B   Examination of Records

    10   Payment of Tax

    10A   Designated Officer

    10B   Impounding of Motor Vehicle on Import of which tax is not paid

    11   Refund of Tax

    12   Exemptions

V   Appeals

    13   Appeals

VI   Penalty

    14   Penalty

VII   Miscellaneous

    15   Officers and servants appointed under this Act to be public servants

    16   Protection of action taken under this Act

    17   Power to make rules

    19   Repeal of Mah. Ord. VI of 1987 and Saving